ULVEHYRDE became an entity in 2018, formed by the the past and present forces from Beastcraft, Sarkom, Angst Skvadron, Voluspaa and Paul DiAnno.
The music is described as fundamental mid-tempo black metal with lyrics based upon old, dark, Norwegian history.
As of Autumn 2019, Ulvehyrde is working upon their first release which will consist of 6 chapters.

Prolog: Likvaken
Kapittel 1: Disippelen
Kapittel 2: Englemakersken
Kapittel 3: Skarpretteren
Kapittel 4: Likbålet
Kapittel 5: Diabolisten
Kapittel 6: Dødsuret
Kapittel 6: Jarlen
Kapittel 6: Svartbækken

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Sorath - vocals
Straff - guitar
Noctum - guitar
Vel - bass
Kremator - drums

Ulvehyrde er konformativ og fundamental norsk svart metall bygget på tre tiår i dets mørke.