Designs we've done so far::

     Bloodsworn "All Hyllest til Satan" CD
     Beastcraft "Pentagram Sacrifice" CD/Tape
     Beastcraft "Satanic Supremacy" CD/Tape
     Beastcraft "Into the Burning Pit of Hell" CD/LP/Tape
     Beastcraft "Dawn of the Serpent" CD/LP/Tape
     Beastcraft "Crowning the Tyrant" Tape
     Beastcraft "Burnt at His Altar" Video
     Beastcraft "Celebration of Christ's Death" 7"
     Beastcraft "Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen" CD/LP/Tape
     Beastcraft "Blackwinged Messiah of Blasphemy" 7"
     Beastcraft "Unpure Invocation of Alastor Nefas" CD
     Endezzma "Alone" MCD
     Endezzma "Erotik Nekrosis" CD/LP
     Eswiel "Angel of the Black Abyss"  7"
     Gorgoroth "Pentagram" LP
     Gorgoroth "Antichrist" LP
     Gorgoroth "Under the Sign of Hell" LP
     Orcrist "Black Destroyer" 7"
     Sathanas "Flesh for the Devil" CD
     So Much For Nothing "Livsgnist" CD/LP
     Tsjuder "Desert Northern Hell" LP-inlay and poster
     Urgehal "Massive Terrestrial Attack" LP/CD (re-press)
     Urgehal "Atomkinder" LP/CD (re-press)
     Urgehal "Through Thick Fog Till Death" CD/LP/PicLP
     Urgehal "Demon Rape" 7"
     Urgehal "Rise of the Monument" PicLP
     Urgehal "Goatcraft Torment" CD/LP/PicLP
     Urgehal "Nekromisantrop" 7"
     Urgehal "Eternal Eclipse" CD
     Urgehal "Death is Complete" 7"
     Vulture Lord "Profane Prayer" CD/LP
     Vulture Lord "Blasphemy" 7"

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