Newest release:

LP/CD-split -

In the Hour of the Thorns (intro)
(lyrics/noise: Sorath)
Through Deathcraft and Necromancy (Nefas demo version)
(lyrics: Sorath / music: Alastor)
Blackwinged Messiah (7" version)
(lyrics: Sorath / music: Alastor)
Burnt at His Altar (live 2016)
(lyrics: Alastor / music: Alastor)
Resurrection through Desecration and Churchfire
(lyrics: Sorath / music: Alastor)
In Thy Glory (7")
(lyrics: Sorath / music: Nefas)

Splitrelease with Black Altar
Released on LP and Digipack-CD by Odium Records on the 30th of November 2017
Also released as a wooden box-set limited to 50 and 10 copies with shirts, LP, CD, signed photos etc.

Released in 100 copies on tape by Blackwood Prod on the 15th of January 2018