is formed in Hønefoss, Norway, by Alastor Nefas and Sorath Northgrove.

The first demo is recorded and released.
The second demo is recorded and released.

The first album is recorded and released.
The third demo is recorded, together with two additional tracks.

The second album is released, featuring all demos and 2 unreleased tracks.
The third demo is released on tape (only).
Tracks for a split-7" is recorded.

The first split-7" (w/Orcrist) is released.
The second split-7" (w/Urgehal) is recorded and released.
A cover of "Satanic Blood" is recorded for a tribute to Von compilation.
The third album is released.
"(Of the) Circle of Evocation" is featured on the "Morbid Tunes of the Black Angels" compilation.

"Satanic Blood" is featured on the Von tribute album.
"Burnt at His Altar" is featured on the "Norsk Svart Metall - The Third Wave" compilation.
Beastcraft preformed their first black metal mass at Under the Black Sun festival, Germany, on the 4th of July.
The first interview since '06 is published in Nordic Vision in September.

Slumbering in the pit, just doing another interview in October.

Beastcraft did a videointerview for Alastor Nefas' documentary "A black metal year in Norway" (working title).
Music for the "The Infernal Gospel of Primitive Devilworship" is being written.

Beastcraft did an interview for Die Hard Magazine (Canada).

Alastor Nefas tragically dies in May, at the age of only 34.
Beastcraft preform their second black metal mass as a tribute to Nefas, at Bunker 2012 Festival in Oslo on friday the 24th of August, together with a.o. Carpathian Forest.
Beastcraft did interviews with Forgotten Path (Lithuania) and Tinieblas (Chile).
A box-set of the demos was released on Black Saw Rec. in December, containing 3 7"s and poster.

In June, all the tracks from the Bunker gig was released on CD, entitled "Unpure invocation of Alastor Nefas - the last live rites of Beastcraft".
The 3 first albums were released as necroedition Digi-packs in December.

The final album was rehearsed.

The recording of the final album has begun.
In September, a collection of tracks is released in 100 copies on tape, entitled "Sacrilegious Epitaph of the Deathspawned Legacy".

The 3rd and final necomancy/live was on the 13th of May, as a part of the tribute/memorial night to Nefas.
"Sacrilegious Epitaph of the Deathspawned Legacy" tape is released on CD.
Beastcraft did an interview for the book "Unholy Black Metal", about Norwegian black metal.
The recording of the final album is finished.

Beastcraft did an interview for Legacy (Germany) and Close-Up (Sweden) in March.
"Nocturnal Reverence" 7" is released in April.
The 4th and final black metal mass,
"The Infernal Gospel of Primitive Devilworship" is released in April.
A wooden box-set of the demos was released on Black Saw Rec. in May, containing 3 tapes, t-shirt, sticker and patch.
"Occult Ceremonial Rites" was released as a split with Black Altar in November

Further studies of Beastcraftian propaganda is summoned through the image above...

The full bio is featured in the "Occult Ceremonial Rites"

Beastcraft were merging the first and second wave of black metal, delivered a black mass of satanic destruction.